Spy School Revolution Book Review

Spy School Revolution by Stuart Gibbs is another action-packed book in the best-selling Spy School series. Spy School Revolution tells the story of Ben Ripley and his fellow junior agents at the CIA Academy of Espionage as they work together to defeat a top-secret spy team, the Croatoan, who have been working to destroy the United States of America for centuries. The Croatoan are like evil puppeteers, working to destroy the Nation from behind the scenes.  As the secrets of the Croatoan become unveiled, the team soon discovers that they will have to unite in front of a common enemy, but will friends become liabilities, and who will they be able to trust?

              Spy School Revolution has a twist around every corner and the action never stops. This book has many different settings including stealing George Washington’s carriage in the middle of the night while being pursued by two shooting men from horseback, breaking into Mount Vernon to find a hidden room, racing down the steep part of the Potomac after being shot at by evil agents, and flying a helicopter over the National Mall while being pursued by two planes that could blast you into smithereens, and then jumping out of the helicopter onto the National Museum of Art. This book is about who to trust and wondering if friends should be liabilities, or if you need to unite in the face of danger. Spy School Revolution is all about trust and friendship and when you need it the most.

    People who like adventure and historical fiction will enjoy Spy School Revolution. This book has fake secrets from Washington’s time in it. If you enjoy history in fiction, this book would be good for you. Spy School Revolution is about trust in the midst of the action and staying true to the people who matter.

10 thoughts on “Spy School Revolution Book Review”

  1. Great review! Your review made me want to reread it (and reread it again and again and again!) You did an amazing job!

  2. I loved your book review! You added great description about the story without giving anything important away. I also liked how you added that people who like adventure and historical fiction would like this book. Your review was great and even though I haven’t read the Spy School series, it still made me want to read it!

  3. Natalie, how factual do you think this book is? Did you sense it is accurate? (Or, knowing you, you may have been proactive and fact-checked it.) That is something I wonder about historical fiction: Does the author take any creative licenses to write an entertaining story?

  4. Great Job! I liked how you were descriptive and showed detail about the storyline and who the bad guys are this is one of my favorite series I might read spy school revolution again. Nice job!

  5. Great job Natalie! I think you did an amazing job stating your point and really put effort into what you are saying! Amazing Natalie!!🌸✨

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