Second Human Right

The second human right is don’t discriminate. These rights belong to everybody, no matter their differences. Have you ever been told you can’t do something? Just because you’re a kid? Just because they say you might be too young? Have you ever missed out in all the fun and action just because you were smaller? Some of these rules are in place for your safety, like how you can’t drink alcohol until you’re 21. But why are we the people, who are under 21, not allowed to vote if we live in a democracy? Why are we not allowed to help decide who will ultimately control our lives for the next four years? They say we might be too young, and I agree with that if you are five, but I say we need a voice. We have the right to help shape the future. Can we do that if people are looking down on us and saying you can’t do this, or don’t do that. This discrimination against children has to stop. The times of us getting shunted out of the way and being looked down upon is over!

One thought on “Second Human Right”

  1. Hi Natalie,
    You are highlighting an interesting tension between human rights, which guarantee equal treatment, and legal rights, which distinguish between adults and children.

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